Social Media Mention:

  • Permanent post on social media feed.
  • Story post (24 hours) on all platforms.

Presence in Print Materials:

  • Highlighting of the logo on posters, banners, and flags.

Publication of Videos on Social Media:

  • Posting of customized videos on multiple platforms (website and social media).

Stand Space:

  • Reservation of a prominent space for the stand at the event.

Newsletter and Landing Page:

  • Mention in the newsletter sent to +1000 subscribers.
  • Highlight in the sponsors section of the landing page.


  • Mention in the podcast with an option for a brief promotional message.

Email and Post-Event Surveys:

  • Inclusion of the logo and mention in pre and post-event emails, as well as in feedback surveys.

Institutional Videos:

  • Inclusion of the brand logo in the institutional videos.
  • Exclusive interview with brand representatives for a special segment in the podcast or videos.

Special Collaboration: 

  • Opportunity to collaborate on the publication of specific content on Instagram, showcasing the brand in special initiatives of the foundation.

Prominent Recognition:

  • Prominent mention as the Main Sponsor” in all communications and during the event.”

VIP Invitation:

  • Exclusive invitation to private events of the foundation, providing the opportunity to interact directly with leaders and key members.
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