About us

Niño de la Caridad Foundation

Niño de la Caridad Foundation (NDLC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and improving the quality of life for the predominantly Hispanic youth and families in Bronx, New York. Our efforts are directed toward elevating the social and academic skills of young people in our community and preparing them to become our future leaders. Founded by Dr. Denise Nuñez, NDLC strengthens our community by providing engaging educational activities and resources for youth while offering them a safe environment to learn and grow.


Our mission is to create Latino leaders by providing children in our community a safe environment where they can partake in activities and programs that will help them build their self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills and equip them with tools to become the leaders of the next generation.   


Our vision is to create a safe network where Latino leaders of the future can flourish and reach their full potential.

Our Story

Niño de la Caridad Foundation was founded by Dr. Denise Nuñez at a time when she used to work as a Pediatric Critical Care Physician in the Bronx. As she provided medical care to the local community, she started noticing the lack of resources that were available to Hispanic and Latinx families in the borough. 

For years, Bronx families have been facing great barriers. More than 40% of children in the Bronx live in poverty, compared to 20.6% statewide. Poverty is one of the most important reasons why children do not attend school or college. According to census data, only 20.3% of the Bronx population have a Bachelor’s higher education degree. 

Besides poverty, the wide gaps in the borough’s education and college completion rates are mostly due to a lack of mentorship, support, and other available resources.

The Niño de la Caridad Foundation was born to help close this gap. Since its establishment, our Foundation has helped 10,000 families in the Bronx through various programs that have been designed to improve the quality of their lives. What makes our organization unique is that it was built organically out of a grassroots effort to serve the low-income, Latino immigrant families.


What we do

  • Provide the Latino youth leaders of the future a safe space where they can build their confidence, feel valued, motivated, and inspired to be agents of change in their communities through having their voices heard.

  • Work in collaboration with parents to offer Latino youth resources, after-school programs, and educational opportunities to assist them in developing meaningful leadership and public speaking skills. 
  • Offer Latino youth quality higher education-driven programming, and mentors to ensure that they are exposed to an array of career options and can advance towards their desired career paths while achieving academic success.