Of The Bronx community are Brown and Black youths


Of Brown and Black youths graduate


Of The Bronx community aged 25+ are without a highschool diploma


Of the Bronx Community have a bachelor’s degree or higher


Of Bronx youth drop out of high school


Of Bronx youth are admitted into college


Of the population in The Bronx under 18-years-old is considered poor


Of The Bronx community is under 18-years-old

Niño de la Caridad End-of-Year Report 2023

What are we doing,
and why are we doing it.



Our mission is to create Latino leaders by providing children in our community a safe environment where they can partake in activities and programs that will help them build their self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills and equip them with tools to become the leaders of the next generation.


Our vision is to create a safe network where Latino leaders of the future can flourish and reach their full potential.

$1000 for transportation vouchers for 20 youth students for a month

$250 for school supplies for 30 CHC students

$40 for 1 girl leotard for Ballet classes

$100 for a college kit for 1 LOTF student

(College kit includes: shampoo, conditioner, razor, shower sandals, soap, deodorant, candles, laundry detergent, hydro flask, first aid kit, planner, stain remover, pencils, pens, highlighters, snacks, lip balm, $25 amazon gift card)

$500/month for Robotics Program



Leaders of the Future (LOTF)

Leaders of the Future (LOTF) is an engaging, skill-building after-school program aimed at preparing junior and senior high school students for a life filled with purpose, unlimited opportunities, and future success.

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The Caterpillar Homework Club

The Caterpillar Homework Club (CHC) offers interactive social-emotional wellness, skills development, and cooperative learning activities for students between second and eighth grades.

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The Health Bucks Program

This program offers families in Bronx nutrition workshops. The workshops aim to educate the community on ways to create healthy eating habits, make wise food choices, and adopt effective budgeting techniques that allow families to plan their spending which in turn enables them to purchase healthy and nutritious foods.

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Robotics Program

NDLC’s Robotics program gives our high school students the opportunity to design and build cutting edge robots. They learn valuable engineering skills, and have fun doing it! The LOFT students have hopes of participating in various robotics competitions at the local, state, and national level.


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Niño de la Caridad
Parent Programs

Our parent engagement programs offer parents guidance on the best ways to support their children through their academic journeys. They also help create a safe space for parents to unite and converse about the various obstacles that they face when helping their children.


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Upcoming events

Is seeking Career Preparedness Coaches that have a passion for guiding high school students throughout their career exploration journey. Fordham University Students Internship/Volunteer
Opportunities for

How can you help

Our interns are predominantly from Fordham University, Monroe College, and Hostos Community College.
Each of our programs provides internship and volunteering opportunities.

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Dr. Denise Nuñez
Founder & Pediatric Intensivist


Freddy Nuñez


Ana Nuñez
Executive Director

Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Member Names and titles

Erik Arroyo, Sr.
President & CEO

EA Consultation Services Corp.

Michael Nisanov

Empire City Laboratories

Lucy Doughty

Doughty Foundation

Bill Henderson
Former Senior Vice President

LIBERTY Dental Plan

Dr. Juan Tapia Mendoza
Founder, CEO and President

Pediatrics 2000

Henry R. Muñoz III
Chairman of the Board and Chief Creative Officer

Munoz & Company

Janice Parker
Architect and Designer

Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Lilliam Perez
Vice President, Government & Community Relations

Montefiore Health System

Mario Sena

Agape Transportation Management

Rafael Toro
Director, Public Relations

Goya Foods

Dr. Jim White
Founder and CEO

JL White International, LLC

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La Fundación Niño de la Caridad fue fundada por la Dra. Denise Nuñez en una época en la que trabajaba como médica pediatra de cuidados intensivos en el Bronx. Mientras proporcionaba atención médica a la comunidad local, comenzó a notar la falta de recursos disponibles para las familias hispanas y latinas en el distrito. Durante años, las familias del Bronx han enfrentado grandes barreras. Más del 40% de los niños en el Bronx viven en la pobreza, en comparación con el 20,6% en todo el estado. La pobreza es una de las razones más importantes por las cuales los niños no asisten a la escuela o la universidad.



Collaborate in elevating the social and academic skills of young people in our community and preparing them to become our future leaders.



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