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The Leaders of the Future Program at Nino de la Caridad aims to connect young people with opportunities that transform their lives.

The goal of “Leaders of the Futures” is to connect young people with opportunities that enhance their personal and professional skills, build confidence, and inner strengths.

ntroducing youth to positive role models can help them develop the skills and mindset needed to set achievable goals, persevere through challenges, and gain clarity about their career paths. This can ultimately lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

We are thrilled to have you on board for this mentoring program!

We hope that this program will be a valuable experience for you. Thank you again for choosing to participate!

Thank you,

Denise Nuñez, MD, FAAP
Nino de la Caridad Inc.

Leaders of the Future Mentoring program

Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives

Session Templates & Helpful Reminders

Mission Our mission is to empower youth to enroll into college, graduate, or get

into an alternate education program while building their self-confidence, leadership, communication skills, and empowering them to become the leaders of the next generation


Vision is to strengthen our community by providing mentorship and critical resources for predominantly low-income Latino youth



·       The Potential of Youth: We value the known and hidden potential of youth

·       Equal Opportunity: Every child deserves an opportunity to achieve the brightest possible future, and quality education.

·       Ethical Engagement: We are committed to working with honesty, integrity, and a warm heart.

·       Supportive Relationships: We nurture ongoing relationships between students and caring adults that build on student strengths.

·       Collaboration: We believe in collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork.

·       Cultural Sensitivity: We work to increase our awareness and sensitivity to the cultures of the people who surround us, including our students and their families, our board, our volunteers, and our employees.




The keys to a successful and empowering mentorship program is found in a few key principals:

● Empathy & Giving Value

● Listening & Understanding

● Sharing Your Life & Your Time

● Identifying Potential & Assisting the Pursuit

● Modeling Love & Faith

● Building Resilience & Hope

● Introducing them to new “worlds”

● Consistency & Faithfulness



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