De Latinas a Latinas (DLL)

May 10, 2023

De Latinas a Latinas (DLL) is a women’s empowerment conference aimed to stimulate intimate discussions among Latina women centered around sharing personal stories of vulnerabilities, triumphs, and perseverance. Each conference includes a panel of successful Latina women who will speak about their journeys towards success.

DLL is open to all Latina women regardless of whether they are in the process of completing their academic studies or in the professional workforce. The conference aims to inspire participants by introducing them to Latina women successful in their various fields and allowing them to learn from their experiences. Our goal is to provide Latina women with academic guidance, leadership, and career opportunities that they can use to excel in their fields or studies. The discussions at the conference focus on the importance of preserving one’s cultural heritage and connection to the Latino community while taking the necessary steps to elevate oneself towards professional success. The conference will also help participants develop self-confidence and leadership skills through the use of personal and professional development tools. DLL is meant to elevate the voices and stories of Latina women via the power of community.