Why You Should be an Organ Donor

More than 125 million people in the United States are organ donors. However, only 3 in 1000 people’s organs are donated after they die. Therefore, we should aim to have as many organ donors as possible.

Many people have life-threatening conditions and diseases which make their organs defective. To make matters worse, organ waiting lists can take a substantial period of time, and in some cases, people may die before receiving a vital organ. In fact, 22 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. One organ donor has the power to save 8 people’s lives, save or improve as many as 60, and enhance two people’s eyesight! Additionally, donating your organs after you die can help your grieving family as they know that you have saved someone else’s life.

Becoming an organ donor is tremendously easy. Simply, check the box asking if you’d like to be a donor when you register for your driver’s license. You can also register online at www.nedonation.org. Fun fact: in some counties like Austria, being an organ donor is the default option and you must opt-out if you don’t want to donate your organs.

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