Why Should You Donate Blood?

Blood can be synonymous with life itself. Donating blood can save someone’s life. There are several conditions and diseases that blood transfusion can treat and cure. For example, you could help a child suffering from anemia. You could help a woman suffering from complications from pregnancy. In fact, you can help people suffering from any number of medical issues and surgical procedures.

It is important to donate blood on a regular basis because blood has a short life-span as it can only be stored for a limited time. Donated your blood can save someone’s life.  In fact, it can save several people’s lives as your blood can be broken a part into its platelets, red blood cells, and plasma and donated to several people. Furthermore, donating blood is healthy for you! Donating blood has been shown to improve heart health and reduce the risks of heart disease and heart attack. Most importantly, blood is necessary for life and many people may need more in times of disease of emergency. Donate blood and help save someone’s life! 

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