What is Veterans Day and Why is it Important?

This past Sunday was Veterans Day which is a day in the United States honoring our military veterans. Memorial Day honors all military personnel who died in service while Veterans Day honors any military personnel who have served in the U.S. military. Veterans Day originally started as Armistice Day which was a day honoring world peace. The holiday was held on November 11th because this was the day that cease-fire (armistice) was signed ending World War I. However, in 1954, Congress passed a bill amending Armistice Day to become Veterans Day in order to honor all our veterans.


A large part of Veterans Day is the laying of the Presidential Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. This tomb is dedicated to all of the soldiers whom bodies were never found. It is very tragic for families of military personnel to have their loved one’s official status as, “Missing, Presumed Dead,” so this ceremony is quite a sacred ritual. However, Donald Trump did not attend this ceremony yesterday. President Trump also did not attend a ceremony at the American cemetery in Paris honoring the WWI veterans citing the rain despite many other world leaders attending.


Veterans Day is an important holiday honoring all veterans, dead and alive, of the United States. Veterans made great sacrifices in order to protect the freedom, peace, and safety of our country. Veterans Day also gives us the unique opportunity to remember that many of our living veterans face great challenges when they return home. In fact, here are a few statistics about the challenges that veterans face:


  • 11% of homeless population are veterans.
  • 20% of male homeless population are veterans.
  • 20% of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD or major depression.
  • 25% of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have substance abuse issues.
  • 20 veterans a day die from suicide.

As you can see, veterans undergo significant challenges after their service, and many do not get enough help. Thus, it is our duty to serve those who served us and help them fight their issues.



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