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Welcome back to a new school year at Nino de la Caridad, INC! For those of you who are new to us Nino de la Caridad, INC is a non profit organization dedicated to empowering and improving the quality of life of children in The Bronx. Dr. Nunez is the Founder of the Nino de la Caridad, INC. Dr. Nunez is board certified in general pediatrics as well as a Pediatric Critical Care Physician. We are pleased to inform everyone that we will be offering a wide variety of programs this year that will be available for all people of all ages! The programs we will be offering are as follows:


Caterpillar Home Work Club

The Caterpillar Homework Club program is a free after-school program and is provided to students in Pre-K to 8th grade. The program is designed to provide students in the community with an educational, fun, interactive, and engaging after-school learning experience. Caterpillar Home Work Club is available for children ages 5-15 and takes place every Monday through Thursday from 3-5 P.M.


Pathway to College

The “Pathway to College” program guides parents and students by providing tips and resources that can be utilized when beginning the college application process. Our goal is to share our knowledge and experiences to students and to provide the support and encouragement they may need in order to ensure their future success. Pathway to College is available for high school junior and senior students.



“ESL instruction teaches students basic language skills, as well as the academic and civic skills they need to successfully complete higher education or job training programs. The emphasis is on improving English skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Instructional themes include work, family, citizenship, and topics based on student interests.” – Department of Education ESL is available for people ages 21 and older and takes place every Tuesday through Thursday from 5:30-9 P.M.


Girl Scouts

The “Girl Scouts” program offers young girls the opportunity to unleash their inner “G.I.R.L” – (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader). This programs offers a variety of hands-on group projects and activities designed to spark their interest in STEM concepts and careers, through the arts. Girl Scouts is available for children ages 5-17 and takes place every Friday from 3-5 P. M.



The “Guitar’ program offers young children the opportunity to learn how to read music, sight-read notes from the board and learn how to play them on guitar. Guitar is available for children ages 5-17 on Saturdays from 12-5pm

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