In Caterpillar Homework Help, interns and volunteers are expected to assist with student sign in and taking attendance, help students with their homework, tutoring and mentoring, assist with reading, activities, and discussions, cleaning up and signing out.

In Girl Scouts interns serve as their program leader and help carry out the activities with the participants and the volunteers serve as an aid to the interns assuring the program runs smoothly while maintaining regular contact with the girls.

For our guitar program volunteers and interns teach students how to play guitar from teaching them the basic skills and patterns to more advanced skills and techniques.

In our Living a Healthy Lifestyle program our Interns will assist administration with creating nutritional workshops walking participants to farmers’ markets in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Volunteers will assist with handing out food vouchers.

Our Pathway to College program allows interns to guide current high school juniors and seniors through the college application process and everything needed prior to college admittance. These processes include assisting with their FAFSA, helping them attain scholarships/grants, recommendation letters, arranging college visits, etc.

We also offer internship and volunteering opportunities to students who want to help run the foundation as well. These positions include but are not limited to: Administrative Assistants, Marketing, Secretary. In addition we offer, Summer Youth employment opportunities similar to the Work, Learn and Grow Program that takes place during the winter. As an administrative assistant the student is committed to the mission of the foundation and be able to be an example of what the foundation needs. They are also detailed-oriented and communicate with the administration on a regular basis. The assistant manages the calendar, documents and organizes minute-meetings,improves and develop programs for the community with the administration, and stays informed about our programs, events policies, etc. The administrative assistant is also responsible for organizing monthly fire drills and lockdowns, meeting with administration bi-weekly to discuss questions, concerns, progress and summaries, recognizing their role as a mandated reporter and reports any issues that may arise.

Marketing Assistants are responsible for: being committed to the foundation, taking photographs during our events and programs, be detailed oriented and communicates regularly with the marketing manager and administration, assists the administration and marketing manager with developing advertisements of the foundation and its services, meeting with the administration and marketing manager to discuss and updates, events, questions, etc, providing bi-weekly reports, and recognize their role as a mandated reporters. This internship allows the opportunity to have immediate access to the foundations social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the website itself. On the foundation’s website, interns create and post weekly blogs which provide updates of what events are occuring in the community and at Nino de la Caridad, INC. Blogs posts also vary in topics including child development, child behavior, and parenting skills. Additionally, interns have the opportunity to film bi-weekly “Tea Time with the Docs” vlogs which educates parents on health issues.

The secretary is responsible for being committed to our foundation’s mission and be an example of what the foundation represents. Secretaries are also responsible for specific duties such as: answering phone calls and documenting messages, being detailed oriented and communicating regularly with the administration, make sure all guests sign in and out, making sure children leave with parent/guardian that show proper identification, making sure the waiting area is organized, is up to date with the foundation’s programs, events, policies etc, provides flyers and information on the foundation, effectively multi-tasks, maintains and organizes all program waiting lists, meets with administration bi-weekly to discuss questions, concerns, progression and summary.


ESL Program

or request to take them at our foundation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm for the school year from September to June. ESL Classes are also held during the summer.


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