Is Your Child Meeting Their Milestones

As children grow up there are certain milestones, whether behavioral or physical, that they should be meeting by certain ages. The different milestones are arranged into these categories:

  • Cognition: Thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and understanding
  • Motor-Cognition: Gross and fine motor skills, jumping, hopping, throwing/catching, drawing, and stacking
  • Social Interaction: Initiating peer contact, group play
  • Adaptive: dressing, eating, and washing

You will see the largest changes in your child between the ages of 2 months and 5 years old. For example when it comes to cognitive changes at the age of 2 months the child will prefer a usual caregiver rather than someone else, but then when a child is 5 years old they should be able to count to 10, recite their ABC’s, and they should be able to recognize some letters. For motor and cognitive skills a child will go from being able to hold their head up at 2 months to being able to stand on one foot for 10 seconds, skip, and may learn to ride a bike at 5 years old. The milestones your child will meet change drastically throughout their developmental years.
Now the Question arises how can you make sure your child is meeting all of their developmental milestones? There are a few ways you can check up on your child’s development. The first way is by going online and checking out some developmental charts that have been uploaded by reliable sources. The CDC is a great resource for this, they have a chart about child development and suggestions about what you can do as a parent to help your child meet these milestones. There is also screening that you can have done if you are worried about your child’s development, these screenings will be able to tell you whether or not your child has any developmental problems that you need to address. Another thing you can do is get involved in your child’s development, read to them, encourage them to play with others, cheer them on when they start having their first steps, encourage them to clean up after themselves. These are all things you can do to get involved in your child’s development.
That being said Nino De La Caridad Inc. will be holding an 8 session parent workshop about child development that will be sponsored by Healthfirst, if you are interested in attending this workshop contact us or check our website and social media for updates on this event!
Reminders for this week:

  1. Oct 5th, 9:30-11:30am: Circle of Security Workshop begins
  2. Oct 2nd, 3-5pm: First day of Caterpillar Homework Club
  3. Oct 5th: No Girls Scout

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