Is the South Bronx Being Gentrified?

New York City is no stranger to gentrification. First, it happened in SoHo, Tribeca, and Greenwich Village. Then, parts of Harlem and Brooklyn. Is the south Bronx next?

Median rent in the south Bronx has risen by 45% from 2005 to 2016. Additionally, there are new upscale apartment buildings being built in Mott Haven. Real estate agents have tried to brand the south Bronx as new trendy neighborhood with the name “SoBro”. People that have been priced out of skyrocketing rent in Brooklyn and Manhattan are slowly moving to the south Bronx endangering the Bronx’s status as the last bastion of affordable housing in New York city.

It is unclear if the south Bronx is truly becoming gentrified or if this gentrification will change the area. However, some have pointed to signs of gentrification in Mott Haven as a new gourmet pizza place, a new boxing gym, and a new coffee shop have opened along the Mott Haven waterfront. More importantly though, developer Keith Rubenstein is adding seven new luxury apartment buildings. Does his development mark the beginning of the end for affordable housing in the Bronx? The future is unclear, but many believe that this gentrification is inevitable unless the government intervenes. 

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