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    **Please note these subjects include all levels beginning from 2nd to 8th grade. If only proficient in specific grade levels, please indicate **

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    For High School Students ONLY


    Why Does Our Foundation Matter? And How Can You Get Involved?

    We live in a world where education matters, you must be well educated to achieve your highest goals. We at Nino De La Caridad Inc. are working to empower children and make sure they get they education they deserve. Not only do we want to get children the education they deserve but we want to make sure they get the life they deserve as well. As a foundation we also strive to work with parents as much as possible to make sure they have the means necessary to take care of their children in the best way possible. We also strive to make sure that all children are included, therefore we want to get children with autism and special needs involved in our activities to get them involved in our community. Overall we want to work to improve the quality of life of children in the Bronx, we want to provide them with all the means possible so they can achieve all of their goals, further their education, and unite the community so that way we can work together to improve the quality of our children’s lives

    You can get involved by applying to volunteer in some of our programs, apply for a job at the foundation, donating to the foundation, or spreading the word about our foundation to others. The more people we have involved the more opportunity our foundation has to grow as a whole and better the lives and futures of others!

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