• Técnica de las tres llamadas de atención

    [:en]The technique of the three calls to attention[:]

    [:en]The technique of the three calls for attention is key when it comes to educating children. Our children are the biggest learning challenges we face in life, because these little ones we love so much will be the result of our actions and teachings, so it is essential to focus on offering them a loving,

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  • Adolescentes caminando

    [:en]The Role of Friendship in Adolescence[:]

    [:en] It is no secret that adolescence is the point at which parents naturally lose part of the bond with their children, and this represents fear. In addition, there is a reluctance to let go and give them the necessary space with certain freedom and accompaniment without suffocating them. It is a fact that no

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  • What factors influence children's learning?

    [:es]What factors influence children’s learning?[:]

    [:es]The factors that influence children’s learning are all the internal and external agents that intervene in a beneficial or detrimental way in the development of the child’s potentialities. They influence academic success. These factors that intervene and influence children’s learning are related to the role of both parents and educators.   Factors that influence children’s

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  • mom and teen

    [:es]Tips for talking to tweens and teens[:]

    [:es]Pre-adolescence and adolescence are challenging times for children and their families. It is a stage full of changes, physical, emotional, and psychological changes.  Children are too old to do activities they used to love, but they are also too young to do others.   Peer pressure, the importance of self-image, the beginning of social media presence,

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  • Family

    [:es]Common mistakes when you’re having a second child[:]

    [:es]First-time parenting can lead to mistakes due to inexperience with a newborn. Likewise, overconfidence with a second child can lead to mistakes you should not make.   When you already have a child and you are a mother or father for the second time, you may believe that the road is already paved and that

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  • [:es]Anger in children: how to approach this emotion with respect?[:]

    [:es]When there is anger in children, parents are involved in a tornado of emotions. It is time to act with calm, respect, patience and affection. If we do it impulsively, we only get a lot of shouting and no solution. You must keep in mind that when a child cries he is having a very

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  • Common learning difficulties and how to deal with them

    [:es]Common learning difficulties and how to deal with them[:]

    [:es]Learning difficulties appear at very early ages. There are children who suffer some developmental delay, which, without being very significant, may indicate the presence of learning difficulties. Their development and IQ may be within the normal range but still present learning difficulties.   Most common symptoms of children with learning difficulties   Motor activity: hyperactivity

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  • Healthy eating for children according to their age

    [:es]Healthy eating for children according to their age[:]

    [:es]Childhood is one of the most important stages of our development, and providing a healthy diet for children and adolescents is important for everything to go well. How to achieve this? With a varied and balanced diet, adapted to the needs of the child in each of its stages.   Healthy eating for children from

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