Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

Learning a second language can be beneficial. People who speak two or more languages have better cognitive abilities than those who only speak one language. The advantages of  a second language can be employment, multitasking, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Being bilingual brings opportunities such as being able to communicate with people from other cultures. For example, if you know spanish, you can take a trip to the Dominican Republic and be able to communicate with others over there. Knowing the same language makes you feel  comfortable because you are able to understand.

Studies have shown that learning a second language results to higher levels of divergent thinking and creativity. Here are some tips on how to study another language:

  • Become part of a language exchange programme.
  • Download a language app.
  • Make a list of the first 100 basic words of your desired language.
  • Always practice in your head.

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