• Why Should You Donate Blood?

    Blood can be synonymous with life itself. Donating blood can save someone’s life. There are several conditions and diseases that blood transfusion can treat and cure.

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  • Why having a Cultural Night is Important?

    This Friday, January 25th at 5:30 Nino de la Caridad Foundation will be hosting a new program called Cultural Night to bring our community together while celebrating our differences. Cultural Night will be sponsored by Healthfirst Healthy Village. NDLC’s Cultural Night aspires to create a safe space where community members can openly discuss issues specific

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  • 5 Tips to stick to your New Year Resolutions

    Happy New Years! With each new year there is hope that the year ahead will be better than the previous. As such, one might set numerous New Year resolutions. Sticking to these resolutions weather personal, physical or mental can be daunting. Many will agree it is hard to make your resolutions reality. Here are 8

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  • Why you should attend Latinos Destinados A Triunfar

      It’s that time of year again, for our annual Latino Destinados A Triunfar conference!  For those of you have not heard about Latinos Destinados A Triunfar, it is an amazing opportunity to bring our community together. At the conference you will have a chance to listen to not only community leaders but Latino role

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  • Are You Safe Online?

      This month, October 2018, marks the 15th year of National Cyber Security Awareness. This is a topic that everyone can learn more about. In today’s society, it is impossible to function without the internet. Whether at work or at home we are digitally connected. We use the internet to access our social media, emails,

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  • Is Your Child Meeting Their Milestones

      As children grow up there are certain milestones, whether behavioral or physical, that they should be meeting by certain ages. The different milestones are arranged into these categories: Cognition: Thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and understanding Motor-Cognition: Gross and fine motor skills, jumping, hopping, throwing/catching, drawing, and stacking Social Interaction: Initiating peer contact, group play Adaptive:

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