5 Ways to Endure the Cold of New York City

We have approached that time of year. Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday lights are coming out, and most importantly, the temperature in New York City is officially dropping. This is certainly a hard reality of living in NYC, but there are ways to bear with it. Here are 5 tips to survive the cold in NYC:

  1. Layers: layers, layers, layers. This is absolutely the best way to survive the winter in NYC. When traveling in NYC weather, you face a lot of temperature changes. The walk to the subway is egregiously cold. However, when you enter the subway platform, you can’t help but feel a little overheated. By the time, you enter the actual train, you are sweating profusely. The best solution to this problem is layers. Wear a jacket to the walk to the subway and take it off upon arrival to the platform. Underneath the jacket, sport a sweater or sweatshirt to bear the cold of the incoming train. When the train finally arrives, board the train and shed any additional layers if the train feels too warm.
  2. Cover yourself: It’s a given to wear a jacket, boots, and pants, but it’s easy to forget to cover other parts of your body. Gloves, hats, and scarves are underrated winter-wear. These three items are the most-often forgotten, but they make the world of the difference. If you remember these, you won’t remember the cold.
  3. Feet: In the winter, your feet endure the worst of the snow. Nothing is worse than snow soaking your feet in the winter. It is crucial to protect your feet from the cold winter weather. Wear multiple pairs of socks, particularly wool, to keep your feet warm. Most importantly, you must wear boots to endure the wet, winter months of NYC. Boots are the best way to combat the slush that inevitably follows a snowfall in the big apple.
  4. Long coat: a long coat is not a necessity, but it’s a major bonus to enduring the long winter months of NYC. A long coat does two jobs: it protects your upper body and your lower body. Essentially, a long coat provides that extra cushion to surviving NYC’s harsh winters.
  5. Umbrella: let’s be honest, NYC’s weather is wildly unpredictable. It could snow one day and rain the next. The only way to be prepared for NYC’s weather is to bring an umbrella. Afterall, there’s a high chance of rain in late December.

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