5 Reasons to be Thankful on Thanksgiving

Most of our lives are very busy. Whether we go to school, work, or both, we can get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget about the things that matter. However, for one day this week, we get to forget about the daily busyness of our lives. We get to take some time with our families and be grateful for everything that we have. This week on Thursday, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. On this day, it is important to be thankful for the people and things we have. There are many reasons to be thankful, and here are just a few reasons:
  • Health: health is simply the most important thing. If you are unhealthy, nothing else really matters. We should be thankful for both our mental and physical health.
  • Food and Shelter: many are not fortunate enough to have food and shelter, so we should always cherish these when we have them.
  • Living in the U.S.: Living in the United States is a great privilege. Yes, our country has a lot of problems, but we still have a lot of opportunities not available in other countries. Secondly, we are a very developed nation. We can be thankful to live in a politically stable and economically developed country.
  • Family: Your family are the most important people in the world to you. Let them know what they mean to you and tell them you love them! Nothing is better than relaxing with your family for a meal on Thanksgiving.
  • Friends: Friends are just like family and sometimes can become family. They are there for you when you need them most, so remember to be thankful for them!
Take a moment this Thanksgiving to reflect on all the things that you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude is important and beneficial to your health. Happy Thanksgiving!
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